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Welcome to Shanti Yoga Teacher Training online, an interdisciplinary approach to practicing and teaching yoga. Shanti graduated her first class in 2008 and has maintained excellent ratings with Yoga Alliance since then. However, this program is actually the culmination of over four decades of research and experiential practice in the field of Mind-Body study by its creator, Debbi Murphy. Exploring the mind-body connection has been her life’s work. After years in academia researching and teaching subjects that elevated one or the other half of that equation (doctorate in exercise science, master’s degree in counseling psychology), she turned her attention to the study of yoga – a perfect nexus of both. To receive an application for any training, click the blue link  Teacher Training Tabor contact Debbi at deb@shantiyogastudio.org.


Yoga Teacher Training Courses
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For more info, contact Debbi Murphy at deb@shantiyogastudio.org.

Course 1 – Yoga Humanities

Students explore Yoga’s 4,000+ year old history and how to use this wisdom in everyday life. They will look at how the philosophy has evolved

Course 4 – Pranayama

Pranayama is considered to be the heart, the life of yoga much as scientists today believe that breath is the heart of our lives. In

Course 5 – Meditation

Meditation Overall Objective Meditation is considered the “fruit of the practices.” Meditation allows us to live more fully, more happily by showing us that we

Course 8 – Children’s Specialization

Children’s Specialization Registered Children’s Yoga Teachers can register as an RCYT if they have successfully completed both a 200-hour yoga teacher training and a 95-hour

Course 10 – Yin Yoga Specialization

Gain confidence and skills to teach and practice in our Yin Yoga certification program. Whether you’re just getting started or building on foundational knowledge this

Course 11 – Chakra Immersion

Course 11: Chakra Immersion This 50 hour Chakra immersion course will focus on the deeper, more subtle aspects of Yoga. Exploring the powerful physical, energetic