Noon Wellness Wednesdays at Move Studio at JUMP

9:30a Wednesdays 

at True North Yoga

8:15a Thursdays 

at 28th St. Barre

Weekend Intensives, Workshops, Special Events, In Person & Live Streams

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~ RE: Live Stream. For your convenience, I have also included the links to our current offerings below.  We ask that you let us know if you are attending a class as our system doesn’t allow us to view you (it’s a privacy thing ). You can do this by either “liking” the video as it plays,  say hi in the chat or just text me  at 208-315-0508.

~ 9 am Live Stream links are:  Kimberly Azzarito (Saturdays) and Debbi Murphy (Tuesdays) and Kimberly Azzarito (Thursdays). All sessions focus on connection, awareness and empowerment via Vinyasa Flow and centering/confidence boosting contemplations. Both RYT500 teachers present sequences that are safe, fun and effective so everyBody can begin their day feeling more grounded & open, more energized & relaxed, stronger & more balanced. Props Suggested: 1 block (or a thick book), a belt and a blanket. To learn more about each teacher, contact us at

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