Course 12 – Wellness Coaching: Empower Others to Navigate Change, Find Alignment, Thrive in Wellness.

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Reach out to Wellness!

Shanti Yoga’s Wellness Coach Training: Help Others Find Their Wellspring
This program is designed to empower you to guide others towards a healthier, more fulfilling life. Even if you’re not a yoga teacher, you can benefit from this unique blend of:

Modern Science: Learn research-backed techniques for habit formation and behavior change.
Ancient Wisdom: Gain insights from yoga philosophy to help clients navigate challenges and find inner strength.

Here’s what you’ll gain:

Become a Wellness Coach: Develop the skills to help others achieve their wellness goals, whether it’s stress reduction, better eating habits, or a regular exercise routine.
Deepen Your Practice: While learning to guide others, you’ll also gain valuable tools to improve your own well-being.
Expand Your Career: This program is perfect for yoga teachers who want to offer a more comprehensive service to their students.
Shanti Yoga’s program is led by a highly qualified expert:

The program director, Debbi Murphy, holds a Ph.D. in Exercise Science with a background in Psychology.
Her acclaimed research focused on habit formation, giving you practical tools to use with your clients.
Ready to help others embark on their wellness journeys? Enroll in Shanti Yoga’s Wellness Coach Training today!

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