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Katy Charoensatit

Inquiry 2: Yes, this has been my experience. I think we have all experienced sometimes how difficult things can be when we are forcing them…which I think some force is good to help us move forward, but somethings just need to be left alone and things can be okay without us trying to fight it so much. I’m very much a “control freak”. I like things planned and yoga has really taught me to let somethings just be.

I have a story that I go back to. A few of years ago, we were at a temple in Thailand with my oldest daughter who was almost one at the time. Everyone was praying, it was very quiet. There were monks wearing orange robes lined up in the front of the temple chanting. My daughter was, of course, wanting me to stop holding her and to let her get down on the floor and walk. Of course, I was holding her tighter and trying to not set her down because I was worried that she was going to be disruptive. She wiggeled more and was getting upset. One of the monks walked over to me and said, “Let her be free.” So I did and she was fine. She didn’t disrupt anyone. I had in my mind that she would be loud or bother someone if I let her down so I was trying to control what I thought would happen, but once I just allowed for things to naturally happen, everything was ok.

I remember this story a lot, especially now that she is almost 8 and I have to remind myself that I have to let go and let her be free (sometimes ;).