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Katy Charoensatit

I’m only about 100 pages in…but one thing he talked about that really hit home for me was when he was talking about the retreat in California, where he was sleep deprived and struck for moving…and finally when summoned, his response became simply, “Good morning.”

I think we have all been there. Especially for me, I have been is situations where it wasn’t until I finally said enough, that any change or transition happened. It is kind of like all the crap has to get stripped away. For myself, and I think as humans in general, we like to distract ourselves with things that we think are important-that really aren’t. I think this whole idea comes back to what yoga is trying to teach us-it begins now, right now and if we can live life like that without the distractions, without what we think we should be or do, then we can really find what we are and we can fully enjoy our life.

I have been at this point many times, yet I continue to build up those distractions around me, so I think it is great to think of this story as a reminder to just bring it back to right now.