Course 7 – Advanced Topics

May we find the courage to let go of who we think we’re supposed to be so that we can fully embrace our authentic selves —the imperfect, the creative, the vulnerable, the powerful, the broken, and the beautiful. May we show ourselves and others the compassion that comes from knowing that we are all made […]

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Course 6 – Teaching Yoga/Professional Essentials

Students will become confident to teach in a variety of situations. Students will learn and practice techniques for teaching. They will learn the importance of the three prongs of teaching: self-study, study of the body of information (yoga) and the study of students. Students will gain clarity and confidence to begin the journey of teaching […]

Course 2 – Anatomy: Energetic & Functional

It is incumbent upon yoga teachers to have a solid understanding of anatomy. It helps us design sequences that are safe, efficient and effective, sharpens our observation and cueing skills so we can take our students beyond just the “outer shape” of asana and towards deeper andtransformational levels. When we understand the “whys” of cues, […]

Course 1 – Yoga Humanities

Students explore Yoga’s 4,000+ year old history and how to use this wisdom in everyday life. They will look at how the philosophy has evolved throughout these years and transformed to meet the needs of different times to become what it is today. Learning ObjectiveStudents learn the major concepts found in the Vedas, Upanishads, Epic […]

Course 5 – Meditation

Meditation Overall Objective Meditation is considered the “fruit of the practices.” Meditation allows us to live more fully, more happily by showing us that we do have choice. We live more fully awake and less distracted by “filters”. As Patanjali says, “It is the stilling of the mind so we can see our true splendor.” […]

Course 4 – Pranayama

Pranayama is considered to be the heart, the life of yoga much as scientists today believe that breath is the heart of our lives. In this Course, we’ll begin with Yogic Philosophy and Practices and then weave in modern science. We will study how both views complement each other. Western research supports, expands, and adds […]

Course 3 – Asana: Form, Function & Flow

Asana must have the dual qualities of alertness and relaxation. Patanjali, 2.46 Asanas are doorways to the true nectar of yoga. Patricia Walden Asana offers time-honored techniques for feeling more at home in your body. When you feel better, you not only enjoy asana practice, but you also have the energy necessary to continue your […]