“Thank you so much!!!  I have never been more proud of myself.  I have also never had a better teacher.  You have given me more than you will ever know.” – Candice

“I googled Yoga Teacher Training Idaho in 2009 And have been carrying an application with me in my purse ever since, but thinking I would have to quit my day job or lose time with my family in order to study, it’s been a “someday” goal. Recently I’ve met some exceptionally wonderful people who highly recommend Shanti School training, so it’s time. Finally. Thank you for accommodating my need to provide for my family while going through teacher training.” – JS

“Mindy, I want to send a big THANK YOU for all the wonderful prenatal yoga sessions and excellent pregnancy/labor advice you provided me. I’m convinced the flexibility, breathing, and relaxation exercises and techniques you taught were the only reason I survived both pregnancy and natural labor and delivery. As a first-time mom who had never tried yoga, I was definitely intimidated in the beginning. But you have such an easy way of making things understandable yet challenging and making everyone feel welcome. The best thing I did during pregnancy was attend your classes and I cannot express how truly grateful I am.”  – Kari

“This program has been such a wonderful experience and I feel like with the 200 hour program I’ve only just dipped in and I want to go deeper!” – Ingrid

“I love the school because you make an instant connection within this community. We are all here because there is something greater inside of us. The passion we share connects us. I now have these strong, lifelong friendships. This amazing family.” – Julie

“I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for my experience with the Shanti Yoga Teacher Training Program. You set a great example and tone for the school by your sincere persona and by creating a learning environment that is welcoming, non-threatening and encouraging. It is obvious that you teach from a lifetime of study of the human body and all aspects of yoga. I admire how you utilize your knowledge to help students learn for themselves in a supportive environment. You are truly an authentic leader and it shows from you speaking your truth, leading from your heart and helping to create a great yoga community. The amount of work you put into building a comprehensive yoga school is very much appreciated. The scope of topics and the variety of instructors has created a quality learning institution. My experience has been positive, valuable and meaningful. I look forward to continuing with the 500 hour program. You can be proud of the Shanti School and the yoga instructors you send out into the world. You are definitely making the world a better place.”- graduate

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