200 & 300 Hour Certifications

Shanti offers five Yoga Alliance registered tracks – 200 & 300 Hour Certifications (you can Download Application here) as well as Children’s and Prenatal Specializations.

Weekly sessions and monthly weekend intensives are held in Boise. See the link at the top of this page for a full schedule. See our retreats page for a list of international learning opportunities.

I. 200 Hour Certification

Debbi Murphy, PhD, ERYT 500, YACEP, Shanti Yoga School Director

The 200 hour program is the heart of Shanti Yoga School. Rather than having specific start dates, we offer rolling admission and continuing, year-round instruction so that you may begin when it’s convenient for you. The curriculum includes five essential modules 1) Ethics, History & Philosophy, 2) Anatomy & Physiology 3) Asana 4) Pranayama/Meditation 5) Teaching Yoga. Each of these topics are covered in three ways each month. The first is the reading and writing activities assigned in each lesson in the manual workbook. The second is our weekly meetings (Wednesday and Sundays). The third means to learn the module topic is from the monthly workshops. We have five workshops repeated every five months. Over the course of your one year program you’ll have the opportunity to do each twice if you want. You can also complete the program in less than five months by completing the module curriculum in other ways (workbook, review quizzes, etc). Most students do finish in one year, but you can get an extension if needed. We feel by offering students the opportunity to review the material in these three years and repeat the topics if desired, a deeper level of knowledge is attained than if presented in only one way. Variety comes from the diversity in our staff and from the evolving perspective of the student. What you don’t “see” the first time you study a topic might become really clear the next time.

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II. 300 Hour Certification

Advance your teaching. Deepen your practice. We believe that yoga is both an art and a science. Taught by Deb Murphy & Jeanne Dillion, our Advanced Teacher Training program provides students with an opportunity to build upon the material introduced in a 200-Hour Teacher Training.  Students will integrate what they’ve learned through practical application, and support the development of students’ individual voice and style. Through classes & workshops, group meetings, apprenticeship and a special project, students refine their teaching skills, identify areas of expertise and become part of a supportive forum for advanced inquiry. Similar to a graduate school model, students are encouraged to study a great reservoir of teachings, specialize in a particular area which will culminate in the development of a “thesis” or special project. Much as a dissertation supervisor would, we facilitate this process, helping you create a project that is as enlightening & educational to prepare as it is for those to whom it is presented. By first imitating, then integrating and finally innovating, our objective is to help each student create their own “brushstroke” on the constantly evolving art & science of yoga.

Emphasis areas can include any of the five topics or a offshoot from one of them. For example, we’ve had students who chose to focus on Back Care, The Business of Yoga, Organization Development, and Sequencing.

Book Review requirement asks that you choose books from our suggested list to review or ones that support your special project.

For a list of upcoming 300 Hour intensives, click on the link to the schedule at the top of this page.

Fall 2017 Viniyoga/Non-Dual Dates have been set:  Sessions will be Tuesdays 5:45p-7:45p from Sept. 14- Nov. 21, 2017. (No class on Oct. 31, 2017). For more information email info@shantiyogastudio.org

Jeanne Dillion, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher, 300 Hour Lead Teacher

Jeanne Dillion, E-RYT 500, YACEP, Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher, 300 Hour Lead Teacher

Jeanne Dillion, 300 Hour Lead Teacher, E-RYT 500, Certified iRest Meditation Teacher, YACEP  is an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist and Director of Yoga for Wellness, LLC. She is a Certified Yoga Teacher through the Integrative Yoga Therapy program, and a Certified iRest® Meditation Teacher with the Integrative Restoration Institute®. Long-term health issues led Jeanne to yoga where she found tools for healing and living that dramatically enhanced her quality of life. She’s been practicing yoga since 1989 and in 1998 opened Yoga for Wellness, LLC, to share the many benefits of this tradition with others. Her teaching style is gentle and accessible to anyone.  Jeanne compassionately works with people living with MS, Parkinson’s Disease, cancer, infertility, chronic pain, as well as other challenging conditions.

In her personal practice and when teaching, Jeanne is guided by the non-dual traditions learned from her beloved teacher Joan Ruvinsky and also Richard Miller, Ph.D., founder and Director of the Integrative Restoration Institute.  Her hatha yoga teachings follow the disciplines T.K.V. Desikachar, the son and primary student of Krishnamacharya, a prominent yogi who helped bring a resurgence of yoga in recent decades. The teachings of these yoga masters have brought profound transformation and well-being.